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Learn how you can protect your sensitive financial and personal information from the potential of identity theft with the Defender DualTrust.

Defender DualTrust
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Download Kanguru Defender DualTrust Whitepaper: Defending Against Malware in a BYOD EnvironmentDefending Against Malware in a BYOD Environment

The Kanguru Defender DualTrust Secure, Hardware encrypted USB Flash Drive is TAA Compliant

The Kanguru Defender® DualTrust Secure, Hardware encrypted USB Flash Drive is
TAA Compliant

Kanguru Defender DualTrust™ Secure Online Access

Secure Virtual Workspace™ & Encrypted USB Storage Device

Quick Overview

Malware, viruses and spyware are a common problem, causing widespread identity theft and data loss. What's worse is that they could be lurking on the PC you're using to conduct finances and online banking and you wouldn't even know it, leaving your personal information vulnerable. But with the new Kanguru Defender DualTrust™, you can conduct business online in confidence that every online session is secure and protected.

The Defender DualTrust provides a completely secure environment to shop, bank, check your investments, medical records and browse freely every time.  Once you remove the device, the Defender DualTrust leaves no trace of your session behind on the host computer, and all your files are securely locked away in the hardware encrypted flash drive. Use it on any PC anywhere for easy access to a completely secure browsing session every time.

Kanguru Defender DualTrust, Secure Virtual Workspace
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Advanced Features: Kanguru Defender DualTrust Security Architecture

    • Simple and Easy To Use
    • Safe and Secure Online Access
    • 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption
     (100% Encrypted)
    • Bypasses Host OS in a Secure VM Environment
    • Leaves No Trace Behind
    • TAA Compliant
    • Supports Chrome Web Apps
    • Supports Chrome Extensions
    • On-board AntiVirus by BitDefender*
    • Available in 8GB and 16GB Capacities**
    • Physical Lock/Unlock Write Protect Switch
    • Remote Management Ready

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Technical Specifications:

Model Number KDFDT Series
Capacities 8GB, 16GB
Interface USB 2.0
Data Transfer Rate Max Read: 20-33MB/sec
Max Write: 10-13MB/sec
Memory Type Solid State MLC NAND flash
Encryption Features 256-bit AES (Hardware Encryption)
Write Cycles 10,000 write cycles / block
Data Retention 10 yrs or more
Shock Resistance 1000Gs Max
Operating Temperature 0°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature -25°C to +85°C
Humidity Range 20% - 90%
Vibration 15G Peak to Peak Max
OS Compatibility / Requirements* - Windows XP*
- Windows Vista
- Windows 8
- Windows 7

* 2GB RAM recommended

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 64mm x 18.5mm x 9mm
Color Standard: Gray

Product Description

The Defender DualTrust provides complete confidence to pay online bills, conduct purchases, do business and browse online in a safe and secure environment.  It opens up a secure, protected browser session, isolated from vulnerabilities such as viruses, malware or spyware that could potentially “trace your steps“ in an ordinary browser window.  Simply plug in, set up a password and you are on your way to a secure browser that enables full secure online access. What’s more, once you unplug the device, the Defender DualTrust leaves no trace of your session behind.

Designed for easy use, it offers top notch security features such as 256-bit hardware encryption and onboard AntiVirus*, alongside its core feature of secure online access. The Defender DualTrust enables you to surf and conduct online transactions in a secure and safe environment on any PC - anywhere!

With it’s 8GB and 16GB capacity** and AntiVirus protection, you can also be assured that any files you store are safe and secure under password protection and 256-bit hardware encryption.

Secure Web Browsing

The Defender DualTrust has a built in virtual web browsing environment to safeguard against malicious software on computers. It runs a secure online session on a secure virtual machine isolated from the host operating system using the Chromium browser (The same technology that is used in Google Chrome).  Downloads can be saved directly to the encrypted Defender DualTrust device.  You also have the option of private browsing within the browser (incognito mode).  Once you unplug the device, the Defender DualTrust leaves no trace of your session behind.

256-bit Hardware Encryption

The Defender DualTrust uses 256-bit AES (CBC Mode) Hardware Encryption to lock data safely away.

Onboard Anti-Virus

Every Kanguru Defender DualTrust comes with a one year renewable subscription to BitDefender Anti-Virus built right into the drive. (FREE 30-Day AntiVirus Subscription for Windows.  1 year Subscription Renewal begins after the 30-day period.)


Kanguru Defender DualTrust secure flash drives can be special ordered with customized options such as engraved logos, text, and/or unique identifiers.

Package Contents

  • Kanguru Defender DualTrust Encrypted Flash Drive
  • QuickStart Guide

Warranty Information

1-year warranty from date of purchase.

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* FREE 30-Day Subscription of Onboard AntiVirus BitDefender for Windows. 1 year Subscription Renewal begins after the 30-day period.

** Approximately 1 GB of space is used for secure browser.

*In line with Microsoft’s End-of-Support announcement for Windows XP™, Kanguru Solutions is ending support for its line of products running on the Windows XP platform. While our devices have been quality tested internally on Windows XP, we cannot guarantee normal operation on an unsupported OS. Please consult your system administrator for an OS upgrade.