Why Is It So Important To Use Secure USB Drives for Your Organization?

Your business could
depend on it...

Kanguru USB Data Security Video

Learn the importance of using secure USB for protecting and managing your important data.

KANGURU BLOG: Recent news of "BadUSB" threat demonstrates Kanguru secure USB drives are more secure than ever.

Kanguru Defender Series Secure USB safe from “badUSB” Kanguru FlashTrust - Secure Firmware USB 3.0 flash drive, Digitally-Signed, Secure Firmware Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) for Enterprise Version 6.0 Kanguru Defender 2000, FIPS 140-2 Certified Secure, Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drive Kanguru Defender Elite, FIPS 140-2 Certified, Secure, Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drive Kanguru Defender Elite30 Secure, Hardware Encrypted and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Flash Drive


Kanguru is a global leader in providing hardware encrypted secure USB flash drives, hard drives, portable USB storage devices, remote management applications, duplication equipment and more. Kanguru is committed to offering the highest level of quality secure products and services to our customers world-wide to help meet their specific data protection, storage, and duplication needs.

Kanguru Releases World’s First Unencrypted USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Secure Firmware

If "badUSB" has your organization worried, Kanguru has an affordable, digitally-signed, secure firmware flash drive just for you.

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Kanguru’s Rock Solid USB Encryption Partners with Tresys Technology Offering Top-Notch Data Security

Kanguru adds even more defense for high-level security Enterprise organizations arsenal, by providing deep-scanning capabilities for USB.

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Kanguru Defender & Remote Management Unaffected by Recently Discovered "Shellshock Vulnerability"

Kanguru customers can rest assured that Defender products and KRMC are unaffected by a new discovery of "Shellshock Vulnerability".

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