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The Kanguru FlashBlu30 USB
            Flash Drive is TAA Compliant

The Kanguru FlashBlu30 USB Flash Drive is TAA Compliant

Kanguru FlashBlu30™ with Physical Write Protect Switch

SuperSpeed USB3.0 Flash Drive

Quick Overview

The Kanguru FlashBlu30™ USB3.0 flash drive with physical write protect switch combines cost-effective data storage and convenience with superspeed data mobility. This high-performance USB3.0 makes the Kanguru FlashBlu30 one of the fastest drives on the market with data transfer read speeds of up to 145MB per second and write speeds of up to 45MB per second. The convenient physical write protect switch enables the user to quickly switch back and forth between read only and read/write modes to protect data from being accidentally overwritten or erased.

Advanced Features:

  • Super Fast USB 3.0
  • Physical Write protect switch
  • Windows “Ready Boost” compatible
  • Simple driverless setup
  • High-strength aluminum design
  • Custom engraving available Learn More

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Technical Specifications:

Model Number ALK-FB30 Series
Capacities 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
Interface USB3.0 (maintains compatibility with USB2.0) 
READ SPEED Up to 145 MB/sec
Write SpeedS   8GB = up to 25 MB/sec
16GB = up to 45 MB/sec
32GB = up to 45 MB/sec
64GB = up to 45 MB/sec
Write Cycles 10,000 write cycles / block
Data Retention 10 yrs or more
Shock Resistance 1000Gs
Lock Function / additional features Physical Write Protect Switch
Operating Temperature 0°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature -25°C to +85°C
OS Compatibility - Windows XP*
- Windows Vista
- Windows 2008
- Windows 7
- Windows 8
- MacOS X 10.5+ and above
- Linux (Kernel 2.4.1 and above, (must be mounted)
Weight 10g
Dimensions 64mm x 18.5mm x 9mm
warranty 3 Years

*In line with Microsoft’s End-of-Support announcement for Windows XP™, Kanguru Solutions is ending support for its line of products running on the Windows XP platform. While our products have been quality tested internally on Windows XP, we cannot guarantee normal product operation on an unsupported OS. Please consult your system administrator for an OS upgrade.


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Kanguru FlashBlu30 USB3.0 Flash Drive

Model #ALK FB30 Series


Product Description

The Kanguru FlashBlu30 USB flash drive offers affordable, protective storage at lightning-fast data transfer speeds. Its small, durable aluminum design is compact and lightweight making it the perfect way to carry your files from place to place. It comes with a physical built-in write-protect switch to protect your data and safely connect to any computer. Lock the drive in “read-only” mode, and view your files in a protected mode so that they cannot be overwritten. This feature also prevents viruses and malware from having any chance of infecting the drive when locked. Flip the switch back to unlock mode and you can make adjustments to your files just as you would with any other flash drive.

The FlashBlu30 USB flash drive offers lightning-fast USB3.0, while maintaining compatibility with USB2.0. Connecting the Kanguru FlashBlu30 to a USB3.0 supported USB port provides superior read/write speeds for quick, easy and convenient transfer of data.

Use the Kanguru FlashBlu30 anywhere for easy transport of your MP3s, documents, email files, and pictures anywhere you want to go!

Package Contents

Kanguru FlashBlu30 USB flash drive

Warranty Information

This product carries a 3 Year limited warranty

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